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If anyone fancies some short films and a chat, it would be cool to see you. Fielded an email from an American Production company looking for something almost exactly like the BIG IDEA. So I go for this meeting, a bit on the tired side and woefully unprepared. The script was originally conceived as an ultra low budget, single location with no action and where none of the characters ever speak to each other. A friend had recently lost his mind by looking back over his life and trying to find a common thread, one which linked all of his experiences.

I’ll be the nervous ginger one who’s incapable of intelligent thought or speech. It’s right easy this marketing lark – you just sit there and wait for them to call you. I didn’t go from home so I didn’t have a copy of the script with me and I hadn’t slept for a little over 24 hours … It was a sunny day, the director’s a nice guy and the first thing he said was about how much he liked the script and DIDN’T WANT TO CHANGE ANY OF THE WORDS I’D WRITTEN. It’s a talking heads mockumentary with the characters giving their version of an event direct to camera. It amazed me how an incredibly intelligent man could genuinely believe all the events of his life were linked (other than by having happened to him and each effect being the product of the preceding cause) and then find an external force to blame.

So here we are at the end of the year, hell at the end of the decade and … Is 2010 the end of this decade or the beginning of the next one? I mean, they built roads and shit while all I’ve ever done is push buttons on a keyboard … Revealed my obsession with Creative Screenwriting Podcasts. And got bored once more, this time by Benjamin Button. I went to hide in the Caribbean and got sucked off by an air steward in First Class. Took a meeting in a room chock full of little rubber pigs – every single one of which bore a sticker proudly proclaiming: THIS IS NOT A TOY Went to Nuneaton. Apparently I went on holiday somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t remember where. JUNE Came over all positive for a moment and said some nice things. So instead of everyone coming to a central location to be interviewed, the documentary team went to them at their homes or places of work. Got angry with ten imaginary people because there were ten of them. I can’t remember getting any notes about the treatment and so the first draft was more or less a literal translation.

Fuck it, if he doesn’t pay any interest in his own life, why should I? Met up with Lara Greenway and Terry Wogan in Madam Tussauds. Again, there’s no communication between characters and no changing scenes once they’ve been established. Or not really, one character changed – which amounted to two or three pages worth of re-writes. There followed a short period of development with most of the changes being about reducing the number of scenes by amalgamating some and cutting others; and the addition of an additional twist for the end.

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On that note we do have a laid down list of rules that are in what we consider our comfort zone that we follow prior to meeting people, Both Girls chat on the phone, then if both parties are still interested we exchange photos (Nothing nude, just of faces) and if everyone is still interested we arrange to meet for a coffee, Then another night is arranged for fun if the chemistry is there. Looking forward to chatting to you Eireann Cpl xxxx *WARNING LEGAL NOTE: If you are from an Educational Institution using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects, or an INDEPENDANT INDIVIDUAL out to gather information - you do NOT have permission from me OR ANY OF MY ASSOCIATES to use any of my/our profile or pictures in any form or forum, both current and future.We have been on and off the scene for the last 10yrs.While Mrs Eire is slim we are not gym bunnies and for anyone looking for the muscular physical male you'll be disappointed..We seek some fun with a Bi Male or a couple with a bi Male or bi Female, Ms Ropau will have sex with both male and female but likes to watch oral between the guys first!Contact us and let us know your thing and we will happily respond but only to those who take the bother to put photos on their profile. **UPDATE** *One liners and Cold Friend Requests WILL be deleted and blocked..

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