Latin women dating blackmen

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I want to note that since 2010, I really haven’t done any articles about Latinas because I thought it basically just fell on deaf ears. Keep in mind that a lot has changed since then, but a lot hasn’t.

I hope you guys enjoy the post, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas?

I don't know what the reason is, but from what I've seen, they tend to treat girls who aren't black better.

OK there are some Hispanics that have significant or even a lot of African blood, but most Hispanics are white and Native mix; so why do they like black men so much? You are totally Clueless, I lived in New Jersey, I am Afro-American by all means, my Current Wife is from Spain and, I have been with plenty of Hispanic Women here in South Texas.. There are so many black man/Hispanic woman relationships in places like New York, California.

If they're about making their money through hustling, drugs, rap game or anything like that, leave them alone. And the relationship will be more about "sex" than anything else. And while Black Men are fascinated with bi-racial kids of their own, they will definitely take care those kids and be there for them but in terms of what they can go either those kids as far as being a "quality" Dad, is minimum.

Why do so many Hispanics fail to grasp English even many years after living in the US and when they speak it, its usually not fluent?

Why do you think Hispanics You are absolutely correct; I have never lived amoungst a more trashy/filthy ethnicity of People until I moved to San Antonio.

So, you gotta know the traits...they talk, what they're about, their goals in life, how they live, how many friends ----- if they have a bunch of guy friends, it ain't good and you will be fighting to get "alone time" with him. Honestly, once you get past the color aspect, it really isn't that different then dating any other person.

If they have a lot of female friends, it ain't good either. If he has a couple close friends like 1 to 3 good buddies and speak with them from time to time but mostly to himself and doing well, those are the ones you want. It's like you actually believe such a thing exists. Also, I've read posts that say you're not even black, but a mulatto. I'm a latina and all of my longest relationships have been with black men.

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