Erica durance and tom welling dating

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with an exclusive look at two drawings he did for the possible film, were Welling to play the role.

The drawings were not done for the studio, Alex did these on his own to see what Welling might look like.

So we're not too concerned about spoiling this one for you: On Dec. a romance that was complicated by Clark's secret double life. ''We're only promising a proposal,'' says Peterson.

According to EW, who spoke with executive producer Brian Peterson, We hear the story will have Clark undertaking a perilous mission to rescue Lois from Slade Wilson (Michael Hogan), with assistance from allies Hawkman (Michael Shanks) and Stargirl (Britt Irvin).

Clark (Tom Welling) finds himself in a parallel universe where Lionel is his father.

He is indeed coming back for three more episodes after this one, but no matter how much he begged writers/producers Brian (Peterson) and Kelly Souders for details on how a dead guy is going to continue to reappear, he got no answers. I've been away for three years and I was very dead!

Technically, you'll probably find I take a few things from various Superman-related media. In my mind, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher played the "adult" versions of the characters Tom Welling and Erica Durance play on Smallville.

Many things happened and it almost felt like a second pilot but thanks to Michael Rohl's good direction it succeeded in fixing all Savior issues.Peterson is reluctant to dish much more, other than to say that the episode has a Winds of War vibe (think love during strife) and that this ''highest of highs is intertwined with the lowest of lows.'' In the DC Universe, Clark and Lois have actually been married since 1996, after a courtship that started in 1938 (! After dating since season 9—and being in love at a distance during season 8—it seems like this long-overdue proposal is fairly speedy. I got a chance to chat with the incredibly charming Glover (I mean, seriously charming) this week, and got some info for you on this Friday's episode. That's a pretty unsurvivable thing, so I was very surprised when Brian (Peterson) and Kelly (Souders) the writers/producers called me and said, 'Would you like to come back? Nrama: So we know a little about the parallel universe in this week's episode. I know you worked hard to make him a real person and not just a villain.

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