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However, in reality pretty much every prison in the UK now seems to be affected by what resembles an epidemic of drug abuse and violence.The national and local media are also reporting on the crisis.There is a regular demand for ‘insider’ comment and over the past year or so I’ve been interviewed on Channel 4 News, BBC Newsnight, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live and have also been quoted in a feature in The Economist (read article here).Of course, drugs are only part of a much wider problem in our jails.But new evidence studied in Australia suggests a hit equal to 500 Hiroshimas occurs every 1,000 years — and the last was 4,800 years ago. That would be a disaster of unprecedented proportions for humanity– but it wouldn’t cause an extinction event. Asteroid impacts are scary, and there is absolutely no need to make them any scarier by fear mongering like this.Worse, it adds to the "cry wolf" problem that is already plaguing impact scientists — whenever a potentially hazardous asteroid is announced, and sails past us, the public get that much more inured to the real threat from these things (even when scientists are saying the right things).

She always has to be out there shilling her books and supplements to increase her income, as if she didn’t already make enough from practicing “functional” medicine.Within hours, Wild refuted accusations that it had disabled users’ ability to withdraw from the site, saying the site was undergoing pricing issues.It would not be the last time Wild faced such accusations.The following day, Valve sent a cease and desist letter to 23 skin gambling websites including Wild, following up on the July 13 notice and ordering them to stop using its API for commercial purposes.When you first hear the term, you may think of a “Farm Party” - of good ol' boys and girls having a bonfire. "Pharm" is short for pharmaceuticals, such as powerful painkillers or, simply any drug a teen can get their hands on.

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