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One cited the example of a child stepping into the road whilst a vehicle was approaching at high speed.Some debate ensued about the width of lanes in the road (surrounding the vehicle) and the impact they have on the judgement of the driverless/autonomous vehicles.Brands including e Bay, Taco Bell and 1-800- Flowers are early adopters of the automated systems, which can also collect consumer data for more personalized marketing, helping to take the strain off customer-facing employees.Even older legacy players including Macy's are experimenting with the feature, which holds the promise of better engagement and, of course, added sales.This digital transformation is happening, even in organizational structures that face challenges with other formats of real-time communication. Is the package you ordered going to be delivered while you’re away? Imagine being able to have your own personal assistant at your fingertips, who you can chat with, give instructions and errands to, and handle the majority of your online research — both personally and professionally. Capable of being installed on any messenger platform, such as Facebook messenger or text messages, a chat bot is a basic artificial intelligence computer software program that does the legwork for you — and communicates in a way that feels like an intelligent conversation over text or voice messaging.Still unclear on what chatbots are and what they do? Once-in-a-decade paradigm shift: Messaging — from by Beerud Sheth Virtual agents and chatbots will be the top consumer applications of artificial intelligence over the next five years, according to a consensus poll released today by Tech Emergence, a marketing research firm for AI and machine learning.

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The Cosmopolitan launched Rose, a chatbot, with its core agency R/GA last winter to better interact with customers in a fun and playful way.

Think of a digital assistant—such as i Phone’s Siri or Alexa, the Artificial Intelligence within the Amazon Echo. The emphasis on virtual agents and chatbots is in many ways not surprising.

A chatbot reduces or eliminates the need for many mobile apps, as the answers are stored inside the chatbot. After all, the tech industry’s 800-pound gorillas have all made big bets: Apple with Siri, Amazon with Alexa, Facebook with M and Messenger, Google with Google Assistant, Microsoft with Cortana and Tay.

Some of the early movers are Meru Cabs, Lybrate, Factor Daily, YES Bank, Voonik, Naptol, Railyatri, HDFC Bank and

and Magic X are new bot-only start-ups offering taxi hailing, food delivery and bill payment services on a single platform. Beerud Sheth, Founder and CEO of Gupshup, says, "Bots can be used by businesses to communicate with their customers and employees, for e-commerce, customer support, business processes, and more." For instance, Falcon Control System, a start-up, has developed a bot to operate home appliances, while companies such as Meru Cabs, Voonik (online fashion start-up) and Lybrate (online doctor consultation platform) have launched chatbots to help them deliver primary functions.

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