Xiao gui and rainie yang dating

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It might be a bit challenging to suspend disbelief because Lay be romancing his groupmate's girl I don't have a problem watching dramas/films where actors are dating someone else irl, but the degree of separation between Lay and Kai is too close The last time I experienced this was when Show Luo and Rainie Yang paired up... For me, Yixing will be as professional as he can coz most likely he knows or at least an idea that Kai is dating Krystal. And bcs he's not really that often in korea & meet kai, probably he didn't know abt it.Rainie was the 'first love'/ex girlfriend of Show's (ex) bestfriend Xiao Gui (Alien Huang) but Xiao Gui and Rainie have broken up for over 8 years when that drama was made whoa! But I wish their movie will go smoothly and GP will like it despite the dating news.whoa! Just my guess lol no, lay is one of my bias in exo.Along the way there have been rumors of her and co-stars such as Mike He and Show Luo.

Rainie, said to be lively and chirpy throughout the party, was seemingly unaffected by her rumours.

� But he couldn't help to fall deeply in love with Ella.

� What is he going to do now there's a love triangle at hand? Attention everyone, Actually this story is not about GUILUN but I decided to post this story again as Gui Lun.

I don't think anyone for whom Kai x Krystal takes away from their enjoyment of the movie was going to see it anyway, so its a net effect of zero.

; born 28 November 1983), also known as Xiao Gui (小鬼), is a Taiwanese singer, actor, TV presenter, lyricist, writer, illustrator and fashion designer.

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