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Now that smartphone specs are better than ever, and the competition for your next flagship is even more cut throat, one of the most important features mobile manufacturers emphasize is how well their handsets can snap a pic.

Even Apple's latest "shot on an i Phone 6" (8MP) around San Francisco.

I captured everyday situations, both indoor and outdoor with varying lighting, for real-world testing that reflected how average phone users take photos daily.

Every photo in each set were taken within minutes (if not seconds) of one another, at the same location and distance from the focal object.

I don’t care whether James cheated on his girlfriend, but I feel a little bit bad that Kristen and crew have such a bizarre obsession with sabotaging his life.Apple might not have set out to make some of the most popular cameras on the planet with its i Phone range of smartphones, but that's exactly what has happened.The evolution of the i Phone cameras has been interesting to watch, from the 2MP mediocrity of the original i Phone and i Phone 3G, to the more serious 5MP i Phone 4, and the genuinely very nice 8MP resolution of the i Phone 4S.Plus, Kristen knows her way around an i Phone, as we know, so insisting that it’s impossible that the photo’s timestamp was changed without painstaking Photoshop effort is brazenly dishonest of her.So, for you James Kennedy, here are four simple methods for changing the the timestamp on an i Phone photo: EXIF is a file standard for photos — the EXIF data is the supplementary file that’s attached to, for example, a JPEG whenever you take a picture.

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