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It was a role that would soon win her a prestigious paperweight.

But first Emma Watson got to see Beauty And The Beast's Belle come to life again when Hailee Steinfeld played the role during the opening of the MTV Movie And TV Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The First Rule of Feminist Club – burn your bra if you want to. @Emma Watson As you were x 👏🏼💪🏼 pic.twitter.com/YZsy PZDN5U — Laetitia (@Laetitia Mc P2011) March 1, 2017 The criticism may not go down well with the actress, who admitted she had a 24-hour sulk after backlash for her He For She speech.

With Emma Watson having taken on the role of lead character Belle, we were expecting her to be in a full-on Belle-esque gown; shimmering in a frock inspired by her character’s iconic yellow tiered ballgown as she posed front of the cameras like a real-life Disney princess.

But she couldn’t have looked less like Belle if she’d tried.

The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and feminist activist added that in her opinion, Belle was a strong character ‘in charge of her destiny’ despite being ‘absolutely a Disney princess’.

Earlier in February, Watson rubbished suggestions Belle was really battling a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome and trapped in a loveless relationship with the Beast.

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